Gaggia Titanium - Rinsing cycle never ends..

Coffee Machine

Brand name:   Gaggia
Type:   Fully Automatic bean to cup
Model:   Titanium
Date: 13-02-2017


Hi, my Gaggia Titanium has a problem. I opened it up and cleaned it nice, and when I turned it on the rinsing cycle started...but just the message on display, as the water is still in the tank and nothing happenes..
Please assist,

Expert Answer

Keep filling up the the water tank as It is a long cycle as long (as you have water flow!)
If you have filled up the water tank at least 5-8 times and the machine still has not finished the rinsing cycle then it has a water flow meter or CPU issue. I have to say that it is very rare problem so do not consider a fault just yet!

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