Saeco Exprelia - Saeco exprelia error: Restart to Solve E05

Coffee Machine

Brand name:   Saeco
Type:   Fully Automatic bean to cup
Model:   Exprelia
Date: 25-09-2017


I received this gently used machine as a gift from my sister. On first plugging it in this is the error code I get. I've done the lift the water reservoir and replace, I've done the restart many times, I've done the fill the water reservoir with hot water and leave it for an hour. None of these has worked. I live remotely so getting it to a service centre is difficult. What else can I try on my own? Thanks for any and all help! I'm SOO looking forward to using this Saeco as I had a previous Saeco automatic machine and it completes my days!

Expert Answer

The E05 indicates now water flow in the system which can be few things such as a faulty water flow meter/cpu issue but most commonly a limescale blockage. You need to find and clear the blockage most likely in one of the boilers.

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